Teeth Falling Out Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Teeth Falling Out Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Teeth Falling Out

What does the dream interpretation to tooth say?

Whoever loses his tooth in a dream, struggles with a problem or a loss in life. The dream of tooth loss is common when you have little contact with friends and family. Dreaming of the sick tooth that fails, the dream points to an illness.

Dream symbol “tooth falls out” – introduction

A dream that somehow communicates with teeth is very common. Beautiful, white teeth are in demand today and a ubiquitous topic that is regularly confronted with in advertising, in tabloids and the modeling world. In doing so, repaired teeth can become an expensive affair. After all, very few people are fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect and healthy teeth by nature.

In addition, the fact that the topic of teeth is commonplace is demonstrated by the numerous phrases that have found their way into the German language: “biting your teeth”, “biting your gums”, “having a bite”, “showing your teeth to someone” or “pulling someone’s tooth” . These proverbs describe situations that are difficult and require effort, defense, and perseverance. That makes sense, because the teeth are our natural “weapons”.

If a tooth breaks down in the dream , the fright is often great; maybe the nocturnal experience was so real that you literally felt the pain after waking up and first felt in your mouth whether the tooth was still there or whether your teeth were loose .

Behind the dream with a tooth always reveal deep feelings from the subconscious of the dreaming. Fear and difficulties, whether in private or professional life, could exist in the watch world. Once you wake up, think about whether you are currently busy or frightened. How the tooth loss is now interpreted in the interpretation of dreams, you will learn more about this in the following …

Dream symbol “tooth falls out” – The general interpretation

You went to sleep and after waking up do you remember how you lost a tooth or several teeth in the dream ? What is the meaning of dream symbolism in a dream in which teeth suddenly fail?

First of all, losing something in the dream means a real loss. This loss may refer to various things in the life of the dreaming, such as the loss – or the fear of losing itself – of recognition in the job or family, assertiveness and energy. You may find yourself facing difficulties, or you may be feeling the sensation of a coming calamity. The loss of a tooth symbolizes in the dream experience generally repressed feelings , fears and problems of the dreaming.

Depending on the number of failing teeth, the meaning of such a dream varies:

  • A tooth falls out: unpleasant news comes to the dreaming
  • Two teeth fall out: without own guilt unpleasant matters will occur
  • Three teeth fall out: the danger for illnesses or accidents is greater, be careful!
  • all teeth fail: financial failure is possible, as well as illness or death in the family.

In some dream interpretations, tooth loss is also associated with a future tragic event with certain people.

Thus, for example, the front teeth for the siblings, so nephew and niece , their own children or next of kin. If these are loose and fall out, then these persons will possibly experience misfortune.

The upper front teeth are, according to the popular dream interpretation for the male members, the lower ones for the female. The right incisor symbolizes the own father , the left the mother . Pay close attention to your next family members in the near future and ask how you feel.

Other frequent dream situations in which teeth fail are:

  • Loose teeth and teeth: Failures and losses are due
  • the dreaming draws a tooth to another person: to benefit from the difficulties in the life of another person
  • young girls lose teeth: loss of virginity or inhibitions in sexuality are discarded
  • see another person with loose teeth: acquaintance will bring disadvantages.

Also important is the health of the teeth that fail in the dream. If these are healthy, this stands for wealth, energy and self-confidence. If such a healthy tooth fails, the loss of these aspects is likely. In contrast, brown, bad and sick teeth are an indication of declining life energy and age-related diseases. As soon as such a defective tooth fails, the risk of illness goes with it.

If a dentist has to treat the resulting gap in the dream, then you have a friend and helper at your side in the awake life. Something that worries you and does not seem solvable is put on the right path by a person.

Dream symbol “tooth falls out” – The psychological interpretation

If the dreaming dreams of a tooth loss, especially if it concerns the own teeth, then this is in direct connection with the current psychological feeling of the dreaming. Problems and fears literally consume energy for a happy life.

Are you satisfied with the relationship with your partner? Do you feel happy in your professional life? It could also be a sign for you to start working on your self-esteem and to better protect yourself from stress.

Dream symbol “tooth falls out” – the spiritual interpretation

Even in the spiritual interpretation, the often negative meaning of a failing tooth is reflected. Here, the loss of teeth is usually understood as a loss . Each tooth is assigned a specific person in the life of the dreaming.

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