Train Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Train Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


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  • That’s what trains do in a dream
  • This is part of a real dream move
  • Dreaming of special features of the trains
  • Colors of the trains in the dream
  • Railway stations, tracks & Co. in the train dream
  • Reaching the train in the dream
  • Please get into the dream train – and out again!
  • The train journey in the dream
  • The luggage in the dream of the train
  • Dream of missing or delaying the train
  • Experience an accident or kidnapping by train in a dream
  • “Train” and “Death”: interpretation of the dream experiences
  • What else can you do with a train in a dream

The train serves as means of transport and transportation, mostly for shorter distances. Sleeping cars provide comfort even on longer journeys , in a dining car with a small bistro you can bridge the journey with a coffee and a snack . As a traveling companion you have during the train ride the opportunity to pass the landscape and look at it. In a fast train for long-distance travel is significantly faster than in a so-called “slow train”, a regional train, for shorter distances.

Experiences when traveling in a train or in the train station are often recurrent symbols in dreams, which can be interpreted differently depending on the context. Often there are connections to the development of one’s own personality and to the behavior of the dreaming other person opposite.

Speaking of a train can also mean that we are sitting in a draft and a breeze brushes against our necks . Even if one perceives the breeze only weakly, it can turn out in retrospect as a passage, resulting in a stiff neck or other pain.

Even a move, for example to carnival , can be meant by a train. Likewise, a parade or a procession on church holidays can be termed abridged by the term “train”, as well as a demonstration train, which many people join.

Many dream experiences are conceivable in which a train occurs. In order to better understand and interpret your dreams about the train, in the following sections we will explain some dream situations that are related to the train in a dream.

Dream Symbol “Train” – The most common dreams about the symbol

That’s what trains do in a dream

The dream train leaves in a few minutes!
A departing train in a dream makes the dreaming person aware that they will soon start a new phase of life and develop their personality. The crazy train also symbolizes new dynamics and rapid progress. Therefore, a career ascent could also be imminent if the dreaming person experiences that a train is leaving in a dream. If you wave to a passenger who is leaving by train, this dream situation points to the exact opposite in the watch world: There is a chance to meet again soon with a (different) person.

Dreaming of the train
A moving train is a dream symbol in general for changes in the life of the dreaming or the. When the dreaming person meets other people on the train , it is also possible that she new acquaintances. These persons could also support the dreamer in her private and professional development.

Dreaming that the train is passing
The train passes or does not stop at the bus stop . If the sleeper experiences such a situation in the dream, he may have missed an important opportunity to make his life more enjoyable. The dreaming should consider whether he falls behind in certain areas behind its possibilities and why this is so. Maybe he just has to have more courage and be more confident.

A dark hole – The dream train drives into the tunnel
Whoever watches in the dream, how a train drives into a tunnel , can interpret this dream symbol differently. Basically, the tunnel stands for the unconscious personality parts, which only become recognizable in the dream. Maybe the dark train wants to call her into the consciousness of the dreaming. If the dreaming person stands in the tunnel and comes to her a train, she may have to adjust to difficulties and strife in the awake life.

The train drives backwards in a dream
A diver driving backwards should understand the dreamer as a warning signal. It could be that he is thrown back in his personal development. Signs of this would be losses in business or conflicts with the partner. However, the dream image can also point out that the one or the dreaming is given a second chance to make up for lost time.

Nothing works: dreaming that the train stops
If the train just stops in the dream, this dream symbol tells the dreaming that his personal development is also stopped. A standing train encourages the dreamer to pause for a moment and rethink his life plans. Maybe he can think of things he wants to change.

It drives a train in the dream to nowhere …
When the train in the dream events to proceed has or on a wrong track moving in the wrong direction, this is usually a sign that the dreaming person has lost their way in life. She should thoroughly review her intentions and goals and ask herself if they really live up to her ideas of a successful life.

Dreaming that a train is coming
A train that meets the dreamer like a ghost rider is a warning signal. The dreaming person can expect that she may have to overcome obstacles to reach her goals. Maybe there are competitors among her colleagues who do not treat her with professional success. Even in private life, it could lead to conflicts with relatives or with the life partner.

This dream train is not coming anymore
If the train does not come in a dream, it is a sign of burst dreams and disappointed hopes. The dreamer should be prepared for the fact that not all projects will succeed and that she will have to reorient herself a bit. Possibly also personal injuries could be imminent.

The fantastic dream of the flying train
A flying train appears only in a dream. He symbolizes the dreamer’s need for independence and freedom. In addition, the flying locomotive is also for particularly ambitious projects that wants to realize the dreaming or the. But the dreaming person should be careful not to get cocky and orientate on their actual abilities and possibilities.

This is part of a real dream move

Dream of train cars
Anyone who sees a train with many cars in their dreams, for example with sleeping cars or dining cars , can be lucky: In the future, many opportunities will arise for the dreaming person to make their lives positive. This can apply both to the private and to the professional field. If the dreamer misses an opportunity, she probably will not have to wait long for a new opportunity.

This dream train is a train
If the sleeping person imagines the dreamed train as S-Bahn or U-Bahn , he probably already has concrete ideas about his future. How the dream symbol is to be interpreted accurately depends on the respective life situation of the dreaming. For example, a particularly modern commuter train stands for youthful dynamism, which the dreamer wants to maintain even longer. On the other hand , if he looks into a dark subway shaft , he could also be plagued by future fears.

See a train driver in the dream
If the dreaming person not only sees a locomotive but also the driver, she obviously associates her personal progress with a certain person who helps her a lot. Therefore, it is very interesting for the interpretation of the dream, whether the dreamed engine driver similar to a person who knows the dreamer in real life and likes. According to the spiritual dream interpretation, the platoon leader is also to be regarded as a kind of spiritual companion.

“The tickets please!” – The dreamed train attendant
The train companion is a figure who, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, is regarded as a faithful friend of the dreaming, who goes with him through all ups and downs. The dreamer can be so lucky to have such a man by his side. The conductor does not only check whether the person dreaming is still on the right path, but he is always at her side with help and advice.

Dreaming of the train compartment
If you dream of a train compartment, it is crucial for the exact interpretation of the dream, whether the dreamer is alone there or if there are other people there. If the dreamer stays alone there, she or she may have difficulty making new contacts. A fully occupied train compartment, on the other hand, is a sure sign that the dreamer is a very sociable person who has a large circle of friends.

Dreaming of special features of the trains

An empty train in the dream
If the dreamer sees an empty train passing by without people , this is to be understood as a warning signal. The dreaming person should take care not to neglect the contacts to their friends, otherwise they could be lonely. Likewise, it is possible that the dreamer must at least partially deny her further life alone.

Rush Hour on the Rail: The dream of a crowded train
A crowded train is in the dream world a sign that the dreaming person is often based on the mass taste. In doing so, the dreaming woman likes to swim “with the stream” and tries to adapt as much as possible to progress. However, the dreamer should not give up his own identity and character, otherwise he can no longer distinguish himself from other people.

Pure railroad romance – dreaming of the old train
The dream situation in which a very old train appears, for example, a steam – locomotive , the dreaming person refers to events of the past that they might like Back recalls. Maybe she has not completely finished with these things, so her subconscious reminds her in the dream over and over again. But the dreaming should remember that for their personal development not the past, but the future is crucial.

An ICE roars past: the fast dream train
A particularly fast move in the dream event is a clear signal that the dreaming is a very dynamic person, who has a lot of energy and assertiveness. The dreaming person wants to move forward quickly in life and has her goals firmly in view when she dreams of such a fast-moving vehicle . However, she should keep in mind that in the performance of tasks not only speed, but also the care counts.

Colors of the trains in the dream

Not to be overlooked: A red train in the dream
The dreaming sees a red one train in front of him, he should understand this dream experience as a reminder: Perhaps he lets himself be guided by his emotions and drives too much, while he tries to reach his goals. Basically, passion is a positive trait, but it should always be supplemented by the mind.

How scary! A black train passes by in a dream
A black train can also be threatening and eerie in the dream, as it rushes by. The color black in the dream research stands among other things for new impulses and fresh ideas, which can develop particularly at night in the sleep. On the other hand, the black dream-loc can also point out the dreaming person to mysterious and unknown sides of their personality with which they should deal.

Very elegant – the white dream train
According to the general interpretation of dreams, a white train symbolizes elegance, innocence and purity. The dreamer evidently strives to realize her intentions in an honest manner and to do no harm to anyone. The dream symbol of the white locomotive signals to the dreaming person that she is also successful with this strategy.

Railway stations, tracks & Co. in the train dream

Arrived! The dream train is in the station
If the dreaming person sees in a dream a train standing in a train station , she is obviously ready to start a new phase of life. This new beginning, which is expressed by the dream symbol “train station” , can refer to the most different areas and cover the private life as well as the profession.

If the sleeper dreams that there are several trains in the station, he obviously has several options to choose from, but he does not yet know which way to take in the future. The dreaming should calm enough time for his decision to take.

Caution at the platform edge in the train dream!
A dream situation in which a train stands on the platform can announce a new beginning in the dreamer’s life. It is also conceivable that the dreaming person stops at the platform without entering the vehicle. Instead, she may ask the stationmaster for an information. This may be an indication that a much-anticipated visit is finally about to come, or that a good friend is returning from a long journey.

Tracks and rails – indispensable for every dream train
Anyone who dreams of train tracks or train rails may feel constrained and not really free in their actions. Although the dreaming person notices that she is progressing, she sees her development as being determined by others. Also, a certain routine and monotony could have set in the life of the dreamer. Maybe she should allow more variety in her everyday life. Likewise, this dream symbol expresses a yearning for distance and foreign lands.

Reaching the train in the dream

In the dream to run train
Experiencing the dreaming person in his sleep as she runs to the train , she is apparently very ambitious and focused on achieving her goals. Even in stressful situations, the dreamer retains control of her actions and can not be distracted. A possible failure of the project is indicated by this dream symbol only if the dreaming or missed the railway despite the sprint.

Waiting for the train in a dream
Not only in reality, but also in the dream world, it can happen that you have to wait a long time for a train, for example in a waiting room . This dream symbol points out to the dreaming that a reward for a good performance in the profession leaves something to be expected. The dream image also admonishes the dreaming person to be patient and not to do too much at once.

Dreaming to get the train
The dream experience of reaching the train is a signal for success and recognition. The dreaming will probably succeed in all projects and he will be rewarded accordingly. Just to catch the train in the dream, the dreamer but also admonish not to become cocky and to consider that even worse times could come.

Please get into the dream train – and out again!

Get in the car, the dream train leaves!
In a train to enter , is in the dream research a clear signal that the dreaming person has decided what direction their lives should be further developed. It will work to achieve its goals while not being hampered by obstacles and setbacks.

Finally at the finish: In a dream, get off the train
The alighting from the train symbolized in the dream research to achieve a personally defined objective or the successful completion of a project. However, if the dreaming person gets off the track in front of her real destination station, she may be afraid of her ambition and her assertiveness. She should appear more confident in the awake life.

Oh no, I missed the exit from the dream train!
If you’ve dreamed of getting out of the train or not getting out, the dreamer may have missed an important opportunity in the real world to develop personally. Maybe the dreamer is still waiting for the right moment to seize a good opportunity, but it has long since passed. The dream symbol “Do not get off train” can also be a signal that the sleeping person feels alienated.

Dreaming to jump off the train
The dream of jumping out of a moving train signals to the dreaming person that she is obviously on a wrong path in life. This has the dreaming also recognized and now tries to solve by jumping down from the train of the wrong decision. However, this is associated with a certain risk. This becomes clear to the dreamer when he dreams of falling off the train . He is again on his own and must first reorientate himself.

Done! Jump on a train in a dream
If the dreamer jumps on a train, this dream symbol tells him that he just wants to use a favorable opportunity to gain a personal advantage. However, the sleeper has recognized the chance relatively late. In addition, this dream image warns the dreamer not to be guided by external influences and moods, but to seek independent solutions.

Dream of changing trains
Changing to another train can sometimes be a nuisance. In the dream world, this dream symbol indicates to the dreaming person that they probably will not reach their destination in a direct way, but have to take detours and delays. The dreamer should also enjoy intermediate steps and small achievements that signal her that she is on the right track.

The train journey in the dream

Experience a train journey in a dream
A dreamy journey or train journey is generally a sign in dream research that the dreamer is undergoing a development process. For the exact interpretation, it depends on the circumstances of the train ride. If you dream to drive on the train or the S-Bahn and to move forward quickly, the life of the dreaming person will certainly be positive in the near future. The dream experience of traveling by train, but stopping constantly or moving particularly slowly, is a signal for obstacles that the dreaming may have to overcome in the further life.

Dreaming to take the train through the tunnel
When the dreamer dreams to take a train in the tunnel , he explores mysterious and unknown parts of his personality. The train in the tunnel encourages the dreaming person to engage more intensively with these hidden sides of their character, even if they may scare her. They could be helpful for the personal development of the dreamer.

A comfortable journey – dreaming to sit on the train
Dreaming of sitting in the train while traveling suggests that the dreaming is likely to reach his or her goal without much effort or effort. The dream symbol should not be a reason for the dreaming person to sit back. Already the next project or project could challenge them much more.

Dream of buying a train ticket
Before a trip on the railway can be started, first a train ticket or a must Billet be solved. In the dream world, the train ticket signals that the dreamer is preparing for a major change or the beginning of a new phase of life. The dreamer creates the conditions for a successful personal development by purchasing the ticket . For example, this may mean that he is acquiring new skills to prepare for future career challenges.

The luggage in the dream of the train

It is better to travel with light luggage – even in a dream train
The train luggage is a dream symbol that represents the loads the dreaming person has to carry while undergoing a developmental phase. If the dreamer has only a small amount of luggage with her, she can start a new stage of life relatively carefree.

But if the sleeper carries particularly heavy suitcases and bags with him on the train, she may not have processed past events so that they still burden her in the present. In addition, the dreaming should consider which things in life are really important to her and what she could do without.

Dreaming to forget luggage on the train
If luggage is forgotten on the train , this is always annoying. It is no different in the dream world. To forget a bag or a suitcase in the train, according to the general dream interpretation, indicates that the dreamer sometimes fulfills his duties somewhat superficially. Disregarding important things hinders his personal progress and advancement. The dreaming should better focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

Dream of missing or delaying the train

Oh no, I miss my train in a dream!
Fearful of missing the train: Anyone who travels more often by train probably knows this feeling. Even in the dream world, it may happen that the dreaming person missed the train or not reached, so that they arrive at their destination too late or not at all . The dream symbol of the missed moves tells the dreamer that she may not have used important opportunities or realized them too late.

If the sleeper dreams to be in the train station but still misses the train, she may be a bit too anxious and does not dare to do certain things, though she could easily handle them. In the dream to miss trains, is therefore also an indication to the dreaming, to be braver and to dare more.

That was close! Almost miss the train in a dream
If the train is almost missed in the dream, the dreamer has just in time recognized that he has a good opportunity to develop professionally or privately. In the future, however, the dreaming should go through life more attentively so as not to miss future opportunities.

Wait for me! Dreaming to run after the train
A train in the dream run after him chasing or pursuing , indicates that the dreamer mourns missed opportunities. Perhaps the dreaming person has recently had the opportunity to move up to business and now regrets that she has not used this opportunity. But the dreaming should not deal with past events, but look optimistically into the future.

The dream train is late
An almost everyday experience in rail traffic: the train is late . In the dream event, a belated train reminds the dreaming person that an expected progress in their lives will be delayed. The dreamer should have some patience, because she will probably soon have the opportunity to prove her abilities.

In the dream, get on the wrong train
Even in a dream, it can happen that one in the wrong train einsteigt . This dream symbol is to be understood as a warning signal: it tells the dreaming that he has taken a wrong direction even in the awake life. The sleeper should consider whether he still pursues the right goals or whether he must discard them.

Experience an accident or kidnapping by train in a dream

A robbery of the flames – The train burns in the dream
A burning train can in the dream be a signal that a hoped positive change in the life of the dreaming could turn into an unfortunate situation. The sleeping should be less controlled by his passions and emotions, which could sometimes have a destructive effect. Instead, he should try to follow his reason.

The train only has one wreck left in the dream
It’s not a pretty sight to see a train wreck . Even in the dream world, this symbol is interpreted rather negatively. It tells the dreaming person that an important project may fail or not have the desired success. Even a loss in the business area could be imminent when this dream image appears.

Dream of the train accident
A misfortune or accident by train can be a very scary dream experience. It admonishes the dreaming person to be careful in particularly risky projects. Before the dreamer gets involved in such a project, he should carefully weigh up opportunities and risks. The dreamed train accident also includes the possibility of failure if the dreaming is too reckless or cocky.

The train in the dream derailed
When the train derails in the dream , this dream symbol is a sign that the dreaming person may have set the wrong targets. Maybe she has too much in the trade and now realizes that she is overwhelmed. However, the derailment of a locomotive in the dream research is sometimes interpreted as positive, namely breaking out of well-established patterns and everyday habits to make new experiences.

A big bang – and the dream train has exploded
A train that explodes is, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the harbinger of a sudden and unexpected change, which must not necessarily be negative for the dreaming. Maybe the dreamer has set the wrong goals. This becomes clear to him, so that he is now able to give his life a new direction.

Two trains collide in a dream
Experiencing a train collision in a dream can certainly trigger fears and fears. The dreaming person may pursue different interests, but they are mutually exclusive. This is made clear by the dreamed collision of two moves. The sleeper should consider which goals are really important to him in life and not to do too much at once.

Dreaming that a train crashes
A catastrophic event: A train crashes and falls down a slope . Dreaming of such a misfortune, it is possible that future ventures and businesses may fail. Even a financial loss might be imminent.

At the last second dodge a train in the dream
Anyone who can barely dodge a train in a dream or jump sideways has escaped a greater danger at the last moment. The dreamer should behave more cautiously in the future to avoid such dangerous situations. Thorough thinking before action can help.

Dream of the kidnapped train
A dream in which a train was abducted interprets the dream research as a sign of impending foreign determination of the dreaming person. Maybe she thinks that other people will decide about her life and give her the direction. The dreamer was to find out the cause of these sensations and try to make her life independent.

“Train” and “Death”: interpretation of the dream experiences

To die by a train in the dream
If one dreams of being killed by a train, for example in a train accident, then this dream symbol indicates that the dreaming person may venture a new start in life. On the one hand, this can be associated with farewell, on the other hand, the dreaming person will also have many positive experiences that promote their personal development.

Dreaming to jump in front of the train
Anyone who dreams of jumping in front of a train may be plagued by self-doubt or guilt. The dreamer is not sure if his abilities are sufficient to reach his personal life goals. Instead of despairing of this uncertainty, it would be more useful if the dreaming person recognizes their strengths and weaknesses and aligns their actions accordingly. This would probably also be conducive to their self-esteem.

Help, I dream to be hit by the train
To be run over or overrun by the train is to be understood in the dream world as a warning signal. The dreaming person has apparently misjudged a risky situation and may now be in a dangerous situation. If the dreamer is caught in the dream by the train and is now under the train, he or she should behave extremely carefully and do nothing rash. Also, it could be that other people want to embarrass the dreamer.

If the dreaming person is almost run over by the train, this dream experience is also a warning. The dreaming should not be distracted from his duties and obligations in the real world, otherwise this could have unpleasant consequences for him.

Dream interpretation: Someone is run over by the train
To see how a different person from a train run over is, can a nasty shock and horror trigger. It is no different when one dreams of such a situation. Therefore, this dream symbol is also understood as a warning to the dreaming: He should be particularly attentive and careful in the near future, because someone may want to do him harm. This is especially to be expected when the dreaming person behaves rather reckless and good faith.

Very tragic: A child is run over in a dream by train
When a child from the train run over is, this is a particularly tragic event. The dream research sees such a dream experience as a sign that a great hope of the dreaming has finally proved to be an illusion. This realization can also have a liberating effect, because now the dreamer is open to new goals.

Dreaming that a friend will be run over by the train
Anyone who dreams that a good friend will be run over by the train usually does not have to worry about something similar happening in the wakeful life. Rather, this dream symbol indicates to the dreaming person that their relationship with a friend might change in the future. Maybe one of them moves to another city, so less direct contacts are possible. However, a break in friendship is fundamentally unpredictable.

What else can you do with a train in a dream

A childhood dream: dreaming to drive the train yourself
Many boys wanted to become train drivers in their childhood. Such a wish can reappear in dreams of adults of both sexes. Now you dream of it, to train yourself go , it is less about the profession of train driver, but rather the need to maintain control over their own lives. The dreaming person wants to decide for himself in which direction they will develop in the future and which goals they will pursue. She seems to be extremely purposeful and ambitious.

Looking for a train in a dream
Anyone dreaming of looking for a train might want to develop their careers both professionally and privately, but may not yet have found the right path for themselves. The dreaming person should think about what is really important to her in life and what she wants to do next.

Can not find the train in a dream
If you are looking for a train but can not find it, you may not have found your future path in life. Before the dreaming decides for the direction he wants to take, he should first call his needs and abilities into consciousness. On this basis, he can then determine where he actually wants to go in life.

Dreaming to see a train
Seeing a train is a dream experience that signals to the dreaming person that she has clear ideas about her future and knows exactly where her life should be. Now she only has to take the decisive step and put her plans into action.

Pull the emergency brake: Stop a train in the dream
When a train is stopped in the dream, the dreamer may have realized that he is on the wrong path in life and needs to rethink his goals. Maybe the dreaming should treat himself to a little break to gain new strength. Their or their actual needs can also be recalled.

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