Transgender Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

Transgender Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation


If in a dream you live the role of a transsexual is an indication of your fears and confusion about how you should legitimately behave. You have had difficulty dealing with some emotional issues.

To dream about transsexual can have different meanings, what will define the interpretation is the contexts and the personal history of the dreamer.

To dream that you are a transsexual means your fears and confusions about how you should act in sexual relations.

A transsexual symbolizes the indefinition, the game and the maintenance of reserved criteria with its particular subjects.

If you dream of a transsexual who is planning to undergo final and conclusive surgery, you should define your position in front of you and others in the private and the public.

Dreaming about a transsexual who has relationships with her own current sex is alert to the insecurity and constant change of opinion about her most intimate affairs. Transsexuals in a dream symbolize desires to think or act to improve something or someone.

If in the dream you are attacking a transsexual, it means that your moral prejudices will lead you to a complete disaster in your life.

If in the dream you have a meeting of transsexuals, it means that you want to be valued for your own opinions.

If in the dream you see yourself as a transsexual couple, it means that you would like to experience new experiences in the sexuality plane.

If in the dream you see a transsexual who dies because of a hate attack, it means that he is a person afraid to express his opinion for fear of what will happen.

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