Volcano Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Volcano Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


It is not strange that someone to dream of a volcano , the next day want to find out the meaning of the dream. Analyzing the content and context of dreams and attributing meaning to them has become, over the years, an ingrained tradition and a source of entertainment in our society.

The worries and situations that we are going through, will clearly influence our mood and our thoughts. The brain seeks to eliminate these tensions or concerns through dreams, so they are intimately linked to the reality we live and are an expression of subconscious.

Dreams about Volcano

Dreaming of a volcano is one of the dreams that reveal more about our emotions, and although its meaning is not always positive, there is much that can reveal us.

Dreaming of volcanoes can be the announcement of a change in the current situation, which is about to explode for better or for worse. A volcano is always dangerous and dreaming about a volcano can mean that the change will be very violent, and above all, detrimental to the economic situation.

In dreams with volcanoes, these can appear in different situations and representations:

Undoubtedly, dreaming of burning lava about to burn us is a very disturbing and frightening experience. This dream is quite common for those people who are in a situation of personal or family problems.

You probably have a toxic and stormy relationship, with unrequited feelings, jealousy and arguments. It suits you to end this relationship.

Dreaming of a volcano that does not erupt is a good sign, since it is interpreted as the sentimental, work or financial situation, in the end it will stabilize and we will be able to enjoy a stage of peace and tranquility.

To dream that an erupting volcano means that we strive to remain calm, but that we are about to explode. There may be violent discussions with a very close person, which may generate a rupture of relationships. You have to know how to control emotions.

If in the dream, the eruption of the volcano begins to diminish it can be a sign that we can gradually reverse the situation and turn it around, then things will be favorably on our side.

If you dream that you are climbing or climbing a snow-covered volcano, it means that you are experiencing some problems at work, and it is costing you to regain control of the situation. This dream shows your ability to negotiate and achieve the progress of any business you undertake.

Seeing in a dream how the lava of the volcano devastates a city, presages an important change in our life. Our future will be determined by the decisions we must make in the face of new events to come.

Dreaming that you see a volcano with a rain of ashes, symbolizes riots and bitter changes. The ashes represent a failure in a relationship or the ruin of a business or company. It can mean that you live in the past and you need to learn to look to the future.

Standing in the crater of a volcano on the verge of bursting is a dream that speaks volumes about our current emotional instability. Maybe we can not separate labor problems from personal ones and this situation upsets us and those around us.

Dreaming of a black cloud on top of a volcano, means we are very reserved and repress our feelings and thoughts in front of others. We must learn to share with the people who love us to mature spiritually.

Seeing volcanic stones in dreams represents that we have been gaining strength over time. We have received injuries, which have disappointed us, but now we do not expect anything from others, we do not trust anyone. Not all people are equal, and we should not judge them all equally.


Generally volcano dreams refer to an explosive temperament and we are likely to be emotionally unstable. But also, volcanoes represent an unbreakable willpower, having clear our goals.

And finally, if for any reason you have come to dream of a volcano , you should take it as a warning so that you can prepare yourself with strength before the future changes that are approaching in your life.

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