Waiter Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Waiter Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Although you have never worked as a waiter or waitress, you can not imagine what this profession entails. The waiter serves the customers. Clients go to the bar for drinks, meals, spend their free time with friends or are heard in their loneliness. And for all this there is the figure of the waiter who dominates life in one place.

With that in mind, you can better understand the meaning of this dream in which you are a waiter. Check how you behave with your environment, if you are a very protective person with your family, very helpful with friends, very complacent, if you treat visitors as if they were emperors, if you are always willing to help someone.

Or maybe you are at a time when you prefer to take care of yourself without paying attention to others. Your degree of independence is so high that you have mistaken yourself for not learning everything. Whatever your case, the extremes are not good and that is why this dream occurs in which you must analyze what your concrete situation.

We find one more interpretation in this dream of being a waiter and is related to his sociable character. It is a profession in which you are always surrounded by people and this means that you are not afraid of loneliness, at least during working hours. It is also a job that requires many hours of your life, so in your dream you may want to be a waiter to escape your own life, being too busy to think.

The spiritual meaning of this dream is a message that says we must first learn two lessons of service and patience to really progress.

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