Water Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Water Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Dream about water

The meaning of dreams with water reflects our mood. Thus, dreams with water will have different interpretations, depending on how we see the water during the dream: – clean water, muddy water, water will have different meanings.

Meaning also depends on how we act during the dream, and as the context of the dream can have different meanings. As you know, the best interpretation of dreams is you. Read the meanings of dreaming with water and try to extract the best meaning for your daily life.

To dream of crystalline waters. As you may have imagined, this dream lends itself to a positive interpretation. These are moments of inner peace. You do not hide any facet of your self for others, you show yourself as you are because you have nothing to hide. Harmony is present in your daily life. There are no problems in sight.

Clean water in a dream symbolizes new life, strength and renewal. Swimming in clean water means total tranquility and that you are a good person.

Dream about calm water. No problems in sight. In addition you can be sure that you are moving towards achieving the goals you have set. You go in the right direction.

If you dream that you find a source of clean water means good omens, like the beginning of a new relationship, business and money.

Dream about still water. There are certain problems that are not serious, however, you prevent progress, – professionally, in a relationship, etc. You look like water: stagnant. You should try to solve these small problems that prevent you from continuing with your life.

I dream of putrid water. You may be a person who takes many turns on issues related to the disease. You may have dreamed of drinking putrid water or simply swimming in cloudy, putrid waters. You think you’re likely to get sick and this stops you from taking on the rhythm of life you’d like to have.

Dreaming of cloudy or dirty or contaminated water indicates that you are bogging down in your negative emotions. You may need some time to clear your mind and find inner peace. Alternatively, the dream shows that your thinking / discernment is not clear, it is cloudy. If you are submerged in muddy water then this shows you are hostage to your emotions.

Dreaming about drinking water may be associated with our state of health. Thus, if the water is cold, it would represent a good state of health, whereas if the water we drink is hot, it would represent a weakness in health. Also with the clarity and cleanness of the water, for greater clarity and freshness, better health.

Dreaming listening to flowing water indicates reflection. You are analyzing about your thoughts and emotions.

To dream that a flood of water comes upon you is indicative that your emotions are breaking and have the potential to close to others.

Dream of water leakage. This may mean that your emotional energy is being used recklessly, possibly through such things as anxiety or fear, especially if the water is coming through a ceiling or wall.

A dream where you can breathe underwater. It means that you have conquered areas that were previously out of bounds for you. There was some goal you thought you would never achieve but you were able to make it come true by your willpower. Congratulations, you should be proud of yourself for your achievement, which really means a lot. Another indication of a dream in which you can naturally have an underwater breath indicates that you have overcome your fear of water.

Dream that you plunge into the water in a dream. These dreams may indicate the desire to return to the womb to rediscover the protection of the outer world or the desire to be renewed; or they may be understood as the desire to delve into the depths of the unconscious to better understand oneself. Swimming in the submerged ones often refers to the process of psychological analysis.

Dream about water and fire. Fire and water are the elements that most often appear in dreams. Sometimes it happens to dream of water and fire in the same dream; the dreamer wakes up with the impression of having dreamed something important, but whose meaning is difficult to decipher. Water is a feminine element linked to emotions and feelings; Fire, however, is a masculine element, connected with his life, renewal, creation. To dream with fire within the water is in my opinion a union between these two principles from which emerges a great creativity and psychic energy. You can dream about fire on the water, on the surface of the sea, or in the water, and see that it continues to burn. This expresses the infinite and inextinguishable vitality.

Dreams with water and fire can also have a sexual meaning ; besides the fact that, as mentioned, fire is male principle, while water is the female principle, even Freud in his Interpretation of Dreams connected fire and water with sexual desire; these two elements, although opposite, in dreams can represent the awakening of the libido. Dreaming about water and fire in the same dream may indicate that you are experiencing a conflict situation: you may have to make a decision, but you know that if you try to take one; surely you can not eliminate both sides, one necessarily excludes the other.

Dream about putting out the fire with water. To dream of putting out the fire with water may indicate the need to cool down, to calm down a bit ‘, because you are living an excess of passions. There is also the expression play water on the fire ‘, which expresses the need to resolve conflicts and differences of opinion, you should turn off the discussion and not feed it even more, otherwise anger and resentment grow more and more.

Water Balloon
See or throw a water balloon in your dream symbolizes an explosion of emotions. You are venting your frustrations and anger in an indirect and playful way. You have difficulty experiencing your true feelings.

Dreaming that someone throws a water balloon at you represents some negative emotions or anger that is directed at you but you are oblivious to it.

Drinking Water
View or use the water cooler in your dream shows that you are textually imprisoning your emotions. Alternatively, a water cooler shows that you are looking for food for the spirit or just a good chat.

Water Fountain
Dreaming of a source of clean water is a positive dream, which represents the beginning of a productive and fruitful phase in our lives. Remember that crystal clear water is an important element in dreams and indicates that new doors open, and we will receive excellent travel news and free us from the stresses of everyday life.

Water gun
Watching or playing with a water pistol in your dream means that you are in a state of passive aggression. You are expressing your anger in a playful way so that others can not recognize or admit your true feelings. You are having difficulty expressing your real feelings.

Water hose
Dreaming of a water hose indicative of rejuvenation, renewal and cleanliness. You need to heal emotional wounds so that you continue to grow as a person. Alternatively, a water hose can be a metaphor for sex and sexual gratification. Or it may be a pun that you are “being machine-gunned,” trapped, or caught in some situation.

Water bed
Seeing a bed of water in our dream suggests that you are slowly recognizing aspects of your subconscious. You are recognizing unexpressed energy in the right way, particularly issues related to sexuality, fear, aggression, etc.

The meaning of walking on water.
The dream of walking on water means the balance of a personality who knows how to handle the right doses between your conscious, unconscious and instinctual.

Question about walking on the waters:

I have a very good friend (more than a friend) who had a dream in which, along with Jesus, he walked on the water, that there were many great and high waves. They walked on the waves and through them as if it were the mainland. They were both happy, talking, smiling. He says it was a very strange dream and he had never had a dream as unusual and wonderful as this before.


The Bible story about Jesus walking on water comes after two very important events. The first is the death of John the Baptist. The second is when Jesus and the disciples fed 5,000 people in the desert with five loaves and two fish. After that, Jesus sends his disciples by boat to cross the lake and he will pray. Then Jesus walks on the water to the boat. At first his disciples thought he was a spirit, and when he says he is not, Peter says, “Lord, if it be you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus calls him to walk with him and Peter goes. But the waves are high and the wind is strong and Peter is afraid. He loses faith and begins to sink. Jesus reaches out to him and saves him, saying: “Man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

The story of the Bible shows us the evolution of faith. After the death of the prophet John, people are in doubt and fear. The government can kill anyone he wants even someone as respected as John. We see this happening in our world now with Iranian protests as an example. So people look for Jesus and he feeds them. He feeds them, providing them with an example – we have to share our resources.

When we are afraid that the world can do for us, it is our faith in the Spirit – whether Jesus, Buddha, Goddess or God – that can nourish us. But if we want more than simple faith and care, we must rely on the Spirit during the storm, times of insecurity, taking measures that may seem highly dangerous. We have to walk on water.

Walking on the water is an incredible feat. The waters symbolize the collective unconscious, and though there is great agitation in our collective consciousness, your friend is not being oppressed by it. Walking in the water indicates that a seemingly impossible situation is being treated very well. Your friend is not afraid of stormy waters. He is walking and talking to Jesus, the spiritual guide. And they are happy, because they know that “All is well,” even if outside events seem to indicate otherwise.

This is a wonderful dream for your friend. This indicates that he is dealing with a difficult time in his life with faith and trust because he is being guided by the spirit. This is the best way to deal with the tense moments we are all going through.

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