Werewolf Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

Werewolf Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation


The werewolf in dreams may refer to repressed instincts that sooner or later emerge destructively, with unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences. If a person you know turns into a wolf , you probably perceive something dangerous in it. Dreaming of a werewolf may also mean that something in your life is not what it appears to be. It is symbolic of fear, repressed anger, and uncontrollable violence. To dream that if you are a werewolf is suggestive that some aspects of your personality are harmed and even dangerous to your own well-being. You are going down an undesirable path. As an alternative, a werewolf refers to his repressed instincts.

What do werewolves in dreams symbolize?

Some authors emphasize that dreams of werewolves originate in people with two very different faces. On one side is the friendly, smiling, generous and magnificent face for the public, but when there is a twist in their lives the other face of the coin appears: A completely unrecognizable person, furious, wild and irascible. Are you afraid that certain events may influence you to awaken your hidden negative side?

To analyze dreams with werewolves, or any other dream, it is important to remember the details of the dream, so for example, to dream that you are a werewolf means to become a cruel or inhuman person, while being pursued by a werewolf usually means to flee situations of conflict. Read the following dream cases with werewolves to get a general idea of ​​how to analyze these dreams.

I dream of being a werewolf. Some authors consider that he is transformed into a wolf is to exteriorize his frustrated feelings. Your most primitive side, the wildest instinct is roaring within you for free. Period of severe internal conflict, in which some hidden feelings (anger, hatred, revenge) want to come because you are living your life twists. Will you trigger the fury in you in problem or conflict situations?

Dreaming about werewolves lurking around. Period of distress and calamities. But how did you act during the dream? You ran into the refuge inside your house. Did he try to face the werewolf to try to beat him? The answer you give usually indicates the type of person you are. There are those who flee from problematic situations or transfer to someone else, while others try to solve their own problems.

The dream of killing a werewolf. In this case it means resolving an internal problem, a personal conflict, giving disinterested help, being detached from others. Know your skills and how far you can get. Killing a werewolf with a silver bullet indicates the person you are: do not give up easily, you usually get the best of yourself in extreme situations.

Other Interpretations Regarding Werewolf Dreams:

Like all dream symbols, werewolves can mean a number of things. But usually these werewolf dreams may have one of the following interpretations:

1. Dreaming of a werewolf could mean that something in your life is not exactly what it seems.

2. Werewolves in your dreams may also indicate that you are feeling very strong emotions.

3. You could say that you want more excitement in your life.

4. It could mean that you feel that something in your life is out of your control.

5. Werewolves can symbolize an internal conflict.

6. They can symbolize some kind of internal change that makes you suffer.

7. It could symbolize that you are repressing some part of your personality.

8. Werewolf in your dream may mean that you unconsciously feel that some part of your personality or self is self-destructive.

9. It could represent a feeling of power that you are feeling in your life.

10. This dream could be a representative of a secret that you are hiding from others.

Remember that these are not the only things that dreaming of a werewolf can represent, these are some of the most common things. To decide which one fits you, you have to look at yourself, your story, and what you are feeling … This will help you to find out what it could be.

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