What Are The Benefits Of Taking Power Naps For Health?

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Power Naps For Health?

Maybe you have an incurable insomnia, or maybe you want to focus on how you can be more effective in your work. Whoever you are, you’re probably here for a reason: You want to take naps seriously.

Great! and sleeping more is a great reason to increase your napping efforts. But did you know that “power nap” naps also produce a lot of health benefits? they do it And some of the benefits can significantly improve your overall health, your life expectancy, and the risks to diseases. Check it out.


What is a power nap?

A power nap nap is a short (obvious) dream which ends before you enter deep sleep. The idea (and term) of nap power nap comes from a boy named James Maas, who summed up the concept in a job called Miracle Sleep Cure: The key to a long life and maximum performance.

The purpose of naps is to fall asleep and get up before you enter the slow wave dream (or SWS), which is where deep sleep occurs.

And that’s the hard part, because if you fall into deep sleep during your nap, instead of getting up refreshed, you may get up feeling even more tired than you were before.

How long should a nap last?

Different people recommend different amounts of time when taking naps.
But, of course, they all must be short. The recommendation is to take it 10-15 minutes . Some experts recommend that they be so short that they only last 6 minutes, while others recommend 20-minutes of nap time.

They all work, more or less as long as you do not sleep more than 30 minutes which is when your brain starts to relax.

What are the health benefits?

Increase your alert status

The main benefit you get when taking naps is, of course, increase your alertness.

A scientist named Rajiv Dhand stressed the effect of napping on being alert in an article entitled “Good sleep, bad sleep! the role of daytime naps in healthy adults “in 2007. The study was quite extensive, but the essence was basically that a nap lasting only six minutes can (1) improve performance and productivity, (2) reduce fatigue and even (3) help in learning.

Improve your memory

Another study found that “… an ultra short sleep is enough to promote the performance of declarative memory” (Journal of Sleep Research, 2008).

We have known for a long time that sleep improves memory (in English), in fact. The discovery of this study was the verification of the hypothesis that you can retain those benefits that benefit your memory, even if you sleep only a little and then wake up (a nap).

nap 2

Reverses the damage caused by those nights without sleep

We have all had restless nights, but not many people know that, losing sleep can really cause damage, which in part is a reason why you feel very bad the other day.

Specifically, being awake all night can cause hormonal damage that is not corrected while you sleep again. This is where the term “dream debt” comes from.

However, research has found that you do not need to sleep all night to pay for your “sleep debt.” According to a 2015 ScienceAlert study entitled “The nap may be able to reverse the damage of sleep deprivation,” even a short nap can improve most of the negative side effects of insomnia.

Fight against the effects of sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) affects approximately 42 million adults in the United States alone. This can be really dangerous; It is often a precursor to other more serious health conditions, such as heart disease and cardiovascular accidents.

There are some problems with sleep apnea. First, it often causes extreme fatigue. Second, it occurs when the sufferer falls into deep sleep.

Naps overcome both problems, since (1) they restore sleep and reduce fatigue and (2) they end before deep sleep occurs. In fact, in addition to CPAP and other therapies, doctors often recommend power nap naps to people with chronic sleep apnea.

Do you want to try?

We can all take naps. These bring many benefits. They can help to improve the effects of serious diseases, or simply help you increase your performance (that’s why we see so many progressive companies installing nap stations in their offices)

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