Sugar Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Sugar Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Cakes and biscuits, sweets, lollipops and caramel, marshmallows , cotton candy, marzipan , donuts and liquorice – the sugar meets us in many forms, it is a basic ingredient of sweets, but also completes the taste in hearty foods such as ketchup. Also in the dumpling dough he can find use. The sweet stuff is made from sugarcane or from sugar beet and can be brown and greasy or blossom white without any smack. It used to be considered a luxury item, but due to its high price only rich people could afford it.

Sugar did not become mass produced until the nineteenth century. Nowadays it is cheaper than honey. Sugar favors tooth decay and is therefore bad for the teeth, but we usually eat too much anyway. Sweets or one or two spoons of sugar in the tea sweeten our everyday life. We reward ourselves with sugar when we have a busy day behind us, or treat ourselves to special sweets on certain occasions, for example at Christmas or Easter.

What does it matter if sugar plays a special role in our dreams? What function does he fulfill as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “sugar” – The general interpretation

In general, sugar in dream interpretation embodies the positive in life. This may mean that the dreaming should focus more on the beautiful and pleasant sides and even treat himself something.

The dream symbol, however, can point to the opposite: the dreaming pretends that he lives sweet and pleasant, he strives for superficial pleasure, but he is only deceiving himself. Traditionally, sugar in the dream should also point to wealth , especially if the dreaming Eating the sugar is supposed to predict prosperity.

However, eating sugar can also point to flattery for which the dreaming is too susceptible. In some cases, sugar in the dream warns of jealousy hidden behind sweet words.

Depending on how the sugar appears in the dream, further interpretations are possible:

  • See sugar: someone makes the dreaming an unpleasant task; small, harmless problems with good outcome
  • See large quantities: wealth or loss
  • Eating sugar cookies: stands for happy days; the more eaten, the more
  • Others from the sugar: the dreaming proves good to others
  • Sugar dissolved in water: financial problems
  • Mix sugar with margarine : a time of deprivation is imminent
  • Distribute to the poor: the dreaming will stand by the needy
  • Sugarloaf: flattery
  • Making marzipan from sugar and almonds : one can look positively into the future
  • Get paid: infidelity; someone is looking for the love of the dreaming
  • Buy: the dreaming wants to pull someone on his side; pleasant life
  • Buy in large quantities: danger
  • Spill: an event will not be as bad as it first seems.
  • Ask for sugar: inconvenience caused by enemies
  • Trickles out of a sack: the loss remains small
  • Too much sugar in tea or similar give: stands for egoism
  • A sweet sauce : one should deal with his health
  • Sugar bowl break: loss.

Dream symbol “sugar” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, sugar stands for its opposite. Those who dream of a lot of sugar are plagued by a lack of sweets. In the dream he tries to compensate for this lack. It can exist in health problems, or life itself is not pleasant for the dreaming at the moment. He wants more sweetness in his everyday life.

Sugar as a dream symbol can also refer to flattery and the desire for recognition . The dreaming yearns for someone finally to say something nice to him, to look at him positively.

Dream symbol “sugar” – The spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “sugar” warns of superficiality and comfort . The spiritual path of the soul is not to be sought in the material, flattery does not lead to the goal.

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