What does it mean to dream of rubbing poop on your body?

What does it mean to dream of rubbing poop on your body?

Dream of rubbing poop in an unfamiliar environment : In the domain of dreams, poop symbolizes wealth, prosperity, or luck. Its appearance may seem off-putting, but its symbolic relevance is largely positive. The act of rubbing can denote a conscious endeavor to absorb or internalize these aspects. In an unfamiliar environment, this dream might be a subconscious expression of the individual’s desire to adapt and imbibe the beneficial aspects of a new circumstance.

Think of an unfamiliar environment, whether it’s a job, a city, or a relationship, as a new chapter in your personal life. Rubbing poop symbolizes your eagerness to accept ‘dirt’ (the hard work and discomfort that accompanies new ventures) in the hopes of gaining fortune, wisdom or growth in return.

Imagine a sculptor meticulously shaping a piece of clay. The dreamer is that sculptor, using their bare hands to mold their circumstances (poop) in the unfamiliar environment (the clay), undeterred by the discomfort it brings.

Dream of rubbing poop while surrounded by people : Dreaming of rubbing poop in front of people signifies an inherent fear of judgment or humiliation. This dream reflects the dreamer’s vulnerability and fear of being perceived negatively by society, even though the act of rubbing poop could be a sign of impending prosperity.

If the onlookers are familiar faces, it might hint at the dreamer’s apprehensions about their immediate social circle. They might feel under pressure to conform to societal expectations despite their inner desire to make bold, non-conformist decisions.

A lone tree shedding leaves in the middle of a forest represents the dreamer. The act of shedding, akin to rubbing poop, may seem unappealing to the forest (society), but it’s a natural, necessary process for the tree (dreamer) to grow and bloom anew.

Dream of rubbing poop in a desolate place : This dream signifies the dreamer’s feelings of solitude and desolation. Here, rubbing poop could mean that the dreamer is trying to find luck or prosperity in a seemingly barren situation, reflecting an instinct for survival and resilience.

If the desolate place is a symbol of a recent loss or setback, rubbing poop may represent the dreamer’s struggle to rebuild and regain stability and prosperity from the ashes of their misfortune.

The dreamer, much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, utilizes the excrement (representative of hardships or losses) to transform desolation into prosperity.

Dream of rubbing poop and feeling disgusted : Feeling disgust while rubbing poop reflects the dreamer’s internal conflict. They are aware of the potential prosperity but are still repelled by the means to achieve it. It’s a manifestation of resistance towards drastic change.

The dream can also indicate a situation where the dreamer must undertake a task they find repulsive for a greater good. The feelings of disgust resonate with their real-life discomfort.

Dream of rubbing poop and feeling happy : Feeling happy while rubbing poop showcases a subconscious acceptance of life’s messiness and the wisdom to discern the prosperity hidden within. This dream signals a healthy level of acceptance and a positive outlook.

The happiness could also symbolize a recent achievement that the dreamer had to work hard and grapple with uncomfortable situations to attain.

The dreamer is like a miner who is delighted after finding a diamond in the rough. The satisfaction of knowing that an unpleasant process (shit rubbing) led to a worthy outcome (happiness).

Dream of rubbing poop on a loved one : This dream can signify the dreamer’s desire to share prosperity or luck with a loved one. It could also indicate a need to help the loved one through a challenging situation, which may initially be repelling.

The dreamer may feel a need to impart wisdom or a lesson to the loved one. The poop in this context symbolizes the hard-earned wisdom, while rubbing represents the process of passing it on.

Just as a seasoned warrior passes on his worn but trustworthy armor to his apprentice, the dreamer (warrior) wants to share his rich experience (armor) with his loved one (apprentice).

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