What does it mean to dream of throwing poop?

What does it mean to dream of throwing poop?

Dream of throwing poop at someone : In dreams, feces can symbolically represent something that has been internalized, such as emotions or experiences, and that the dreamer feels the need to eliminate. Throwing poop at someone else could denote a desire to project these unpleasant feelings onto others. This dream can often arise from feelings of anger, resentment, or bitterness towards the person being targeted in the dream.

If you’re arguing with the person in real life, the dream might symbolize your desire to blame or shame them for your negative feelings. Conversely, if your relationship with the person is generally positive, it could indicate suppressed frustrations that you’re struggling to communicate.

A symbolic way to see this dream is as an expulsion of the unnecessary and detrimental aspects of yourself. Throwing feces might signify purging negativity, a much-needed catharsis. Figuratively, this dream might mean “flinging dirt” at someone, revealing a need to damage their reputation or image.

Dream of throwing poop at an animal : Animals in dreams often represent instincts, emotions, or aspects of the dreamer’s personality. Throwing feces at an animal might indicate conflict with these primal parts of oneself, or an effort to reject or hide certain feelings.

If the animal is wild or threatening, it could represent fears or anxieties that you’re trying to deny or control. A domesticated or friendly animal might symbolize more gentle or positive emotions that you’re suppressing due to feelings of guilt or unworthiness.

On a symbolic level, this dream reflects your struggle with your “animal” nature, your baser instincts. You’re throwing the “waste” of your human experiences and emotions at this nature, trying to tarnish it. Figuratively, it might speak of “dirtying” your own pure instinctual responses due to overthinking or overanalyzing.

Dream of throwing poop into water : Water in dreams often symbolizes the unconscious mind, emotions, or spirituality. Throwing feces into water might represent a need to cleanse oneself of negative emotions or experiences, or a desire to process these things more deeply.

The nature of the water can add further meaning. Calm water might suggest that you’re at peace with this emotional cleansing process, while turbulent water might suggest turmoil or resistance.

Symbolically, this dream could mean that you’re trying to “cleanse” your emotional state by discarding the unwanted aspects. Figuratively, “muddying the waters” of your subconscious, it might imply an attempt to hide or suppress certain feelings instead of dealing with them directly.

Dream of throwing poop in public : This dream might indicate feelings of embarrassment, vulnerability, or a fear of judgement. It could also suggest a need to express or release feelings that you usually keep hidden.

If the public in your dream responds negatively, it might indicate a fear of social rejection or humiliation. If they don’t seem to care, it might suggest that your anxieties about how others perceive you are unfounded.

Symbolically, this dream is about the public display of private emotions. It signifies a disregard for the societal norms of hiding our “dirt”. Figuratively, it can be seen as “airing dirty laundry”, expressing your repressed feelings out in the open.

Dream of throwing poop at a house or building : Houses and buildings in dreams often represent the self or the mind. Throwing feces at a house or building could symbolize a desire to eliminate negative thoughts, beliefs, or self-perceptions.

If the house or building is in disrepair, it might suggest feelings of self-doubt or insecurity. If it’s well-maintained, it might suggest a conflict between your inner emotions and your outward appearance.

This dream could symbolize an act of “defacing” one’s self-image or self-esteem. Figuratively, it may refer to the practice of “soiling” one’s mind with negative or self-deprecating thoughts.

Dream of throwing poop in a garden : Gardens often symbolize growth, potential, and the unconscious mind. Throwing feces into a garden could represent a desire to use past experiences, even negative ones, as “fertilizer” for personal growth.

If the garden is flourishing, it might suggest that you’re successfully transforming your negative experiences into wisdom. If it’s barren or overgrown, it might suggest a struggle to process these experiences.

Symbolically, the garden is your life or personality that needs nourishing. Throwing feces, which is biologically a fertilizer, might symbolize a need to transform your waste (bad experiences) into growth. Figuratively, this act could mean “using dirt to grow flowers”, turning adversities into opportunities for growth.

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