Window Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Window Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Maybe, we all have to dream of a window , with broken glass, or someone entering through it, regardless of what you have dreamed, it is important that you know that it has a meaning, ranging from wonderful things to the worst , but there is no need to fear, then we will explain what this dream tries to tell you.

The windows in dreams are the clear symbol of the outside world, the things that we live on a daily basis and how we face them, and this dream can be good or bad depending on what we are seeing through them.

Dreams about Window

Dreaming with open windows: This type of dreams shows that you are a person who has a lot of charisma, and you always give everything to get what you want, you are an optimistic person who does not give up to meet your goals, and in the same way reveals that you are a confident, fighter, determined person.

Every day you renew your mind to clear yourself and be clear about what you want and that you are capable of doing to achieve it, you learn from your failures and mistakes and you are in constant personal growth based on the daily actions you perform.

Dream that you see closed windows: surely you have heard about the bad reputation of this dream, symbolize desertion and abandonment, that is, the feeling of loneliness. If you look through a closed window, it means that each and every one of the dreams and the great opportunities you have had to fulfill have been seen as unattainable.

Keep in mind that if you have a dream where the windows are closed, is that your subconscious tries to tell you that you should know a little more and know what your limitations are.

Dreaming of round windows: this window model symbolizes the spiritual, and if the dream window is square or rectangular, it symbolizes the material.

If you dream of a broken window: notice, this is a bad omen, so it means that you should be aware of the relationship with your partner, as this will make you suffer disappointments and betray you.

To understand a little better, glass is the representation of wisdom, intellect, spirit and prediction.

The dream of window and broken glass, explained that there are some problems or concerns around you, so do not be surprised if you run into bad news at any time, as these dreams are associated with deception, mistrust and betrayal by of your partner, and anyone.

Dreaming that you are sitting in a window: it means that you can act as if you were crazy or worse, mentally disturbed.

Dreaming of a window with a beautiful landscape: it is an advantage for you since it gives you a feeling of well-being, tranquility and peace, this is a clear signal that tells you to leave the hole where you are, to be a little more sociable and of course, to interact more with people, see what you can enjoy and start living the beautiful things that life offers us without fear of being hurt.

Dream that escapes through a window: this dream means that you will be involved in a problem, high and low danger, although you are not the author of the problem, you will be greatly harmed.

Dreaming of a window painted in colors: sounds like a nice dream, do not you think? This represents and gives you signs that you need to dedicate a little more privacy in your life and do things your way, without taking into account bad opinions.


It is common and interesting at the same time, to dream of a window is one of those dreams of good omen that everyone would like to have, but that not everyone has the happiness of being present.

This dream has a deep meaning, where it refers to opening your mind to new opportunities, big or small, to renew certain qualities that need a little more attention, so that you leave behind the past, live the present and thoughts. Negatives will go away as you work on yourself.

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